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Standard Operation

Every Symphony Real Estate LLC agent is required by NY State Law to uniformly apply our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) when qualifying homebuyers.

  • Prospective Customer’s IDs: Buyers are not required to provide identification before entering a property. (Accompanying agents must show identification; it can be in the form of a business card or license pocket card.)
  • Exclusive broker agreement: Symphony Real Estate LLC does not require exclusive broker agreements for buyers in order to work with our agents.
  • Pre-approval/ proof of funds: When an offer includes financing, mortgage pre-approval is required before making the offer. If an offer does not include financing, proof of funds is required before making the offer. Property owners are nonetheless free to set their own qualifying criteria so long as such criteria are established in advance of soliciting buyers, are applied uniformly and objectively to all buyers, and are non-discriminatory. Further, such criteria may only be directed by a property owner if such owner directs their criteria in writing, inclusive of the date of such direction.